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Buy Onsite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Self Test Online Australia (Box 20)

Get your COVID-19 screening result in only 15mins. Nasal swab for ease of use and pre-filled buffer tube for simplicity.

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Onsite COVID-19 Ag Rapid Self Test is a nasal swab rapid antigen self test and may be used to detect SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19). For in-vitro screening use only.

Results in 15 – 20 minutes

Shelf life: 24 months


  1. Pre-filled buffer and nozzle pouch
  2. Cassette pouch
  3. Swab
  4. Buffer holder
  5. Waste bag

Instructions for Use

  1. Collect the nasal swab specimen.
  2. Add the swab to the test tube. 
  3. Swirl the swab at least 5 times.
  4. Then gently press on each side of the tube when removing the swab. 
  5. Discard the swab.
  6. Attach the nozzle onto the tube. 
  7. Add 3 drops from the tube to the test cassette. 
  8. Read the result after 15-20 minutes. 

Rapid antigen tests for COVID-19

Who should do a RAT test?

  • People with symptoms
  • Household, social, workplace or education contact of a positive case
  • Anyone before going to an event with lots of others, or before visiting vulnerable family members
  • Anyone arriving from overseas (passengers and flight crew)

Anyone asked by a school or child care centre to test.  

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What happens if I get a positive rapid antigen test result?

If you test positive on a rapid antigen test you may be a confirmed case if

Test result


Exposure risk

Next step


Known or unknown contact

You are a confirmed case, follow the advice for people testing positive for COVID-19launch


Y or N

Known high risk or household contact

You are a confirmed case, follow the advice for people testing positive for COVID-19launch


No known contact

You may be a case, take another rapid antigen test in 24 hours or have a PCR test

If I am a confirmed case what do I do?

You should follow the advice for people testing positive for COVID-19 and self-isolate for 7 days since date of the positive rapid antigen test.

You should register your positive test result as soon as possible by visiting the Service NSW app or website. Providing NSW Health with your test result will enable us to connect you to the best care and recovery plan appropriate to you.

How do I store and dispose of a rapid antigen test?

Store the test kit in a safe, dry, cool space. Refer to the test kit instructions.

Disposal will vary according to information provided with the test instructions. Some tests come with a plastic bag to place the contents of the test into (including the swab).

This bag is then placed into another bag for disposal with the household rubbish. Test kit materials are not recyclable.

If no bags are provided you can place the used items from the test into a small plastic bag that can be sealed. This bag should be put into another bag that can be sealed and disposed of in the household rubbish. 

Wash your hands carefully after completing the test and disposing of the test kit contents