Combination Shower With Triple Nozzle Eye & Face Wash With Bowl & Foot Treadle

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This is our most popular combination shower with AEROSTREAM face wash unit. It is designed to operate as an individual shower or face wash or both simultaneously. The eye / face wash features six aerated nozzle outlets for a soft and even water pattern. The nozzles also include a self-closing dust cover. Constructed mainly from 304 stainless steel material to provide a long service life in most environments. Operation: Shower by hand, Face wash by hand or foot. Dimension (mm): 2450H x 470W x 883D mm Rec Min Connection: 25mm Rec Min Supply: 140-150 LPM Shower Flow Rate: 90 LPM Eye Wash Flow Rate: 30 LPM Minimum Pressure: 210 kPa Material of Construction: 304 Stainless Steel Australian Standard: AS4775 Sign & sign bracket are not included but can be ordered as an accessory. Available in