Economy 50ltr Hazchem

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Economy Hazchem Spill Kits colour coded yellow for Hazchem liquid spill absorption. Designed for acids, alkalis, coolants, paints and oils and fuels and are made from inert material which will not react with any absorbed liquids. For general industry and non-industry applications. Includes the following: 1 X (FSAP25) Organic All Purpose Floor Sweep 15L/3kg 2 X (BY420) Yellow Hazchem Boom 1.2m 1 X (DPBS) Dust Pan and Brush Set 10 X (APY300) Yellow Hazchem Absorbent Pad 300gsm 2 X (CWB) Contaminated Waste Bag 1 X (RNF15XL) Green Nitrile Gloves XL 1 X (SKIS) Instruction Sheet Available in