Economy 75ltr General Purpose

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Economy General Purpose 75L Spill Kits colour coded grey for universal liquid spill absorption. Ideal for all liquid spills with the exception of aggressive acids or alkalis. For general industry and non-industry applications. Commonly used in the automotive, industrial, commercial markets, warehousing, waste management and manufacturing industries. Includes the following: 1 X (FSGP5) General Purpose Floor Sweep 5kg/15L 2 X (BG420) Grey General Purpose Boom 1.2m 1 X (PG420) Grey General Purpose Pillow 420g 1 X (DPBS) Dust Pan and Brush Set 15 X (APG300) Grey General Purpose Absorbent Pad 300gsm 3 X (CWB) Contaminated Waste Bag 1 X (RNF15XL) Green Nitrile Gloves XL 1 X (SKIS) Instruction Sheet Available in