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Pratt 25ltr Hazchem Premium Spill Kit Refill

$57.31 + GST

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Spill kit refills are perfect for minimising waste by replacing the contents after use, and a cost-effective way to reorder an entire kit rather than replacing contents individually., The refill kits also ensure you replace all the correct components in one simple refill kit., Includes the following, 1 x Zeolite Floor Sweep 15L (FSZ15), 1 x Yellow Hazchem Boom 1.2M (BY420), 1 x Dust Pan and Brush Set (DPBS), 1 x Yellow Hazchem Absorbent Pad 10 Pack (APY300), 2 x Contaminated Waste Bag 900x600mm (SK-CWB), 1 x Green Nitrile Gloves XL (SK-RNF15XL), 1 x Spill Kit Reorder Form SKRH(SIZE), 2 x Safety Tag 125x75mm (SK-STI12575)