Class 4 Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet 30L 1 Door, 1 Shelf

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This cabinet is for the storage of Class 4 Chemicals in liquid or solid form as classified by the United Nations criteria and the ADG Code for Dangerous Goods. These include the following divisions: Flammable Solids: Matches, Nitrocellulise Membrane Filters, Silicon Powder, Wetted Explosives, Sulphur, Titanium Powder (wetted), Zinc Resinate, Naphthalene. Spontaneously Combustible: Activated Carbon, Lithium Alkyds, Pentaborane, Phosphorus, Potassium Sulphide, – anhydrous, Oily Rags, Seed Cake, Sodium Sulphide – anhydrous, Butyl Lythium. Dangerous When Wet: Alkaline Earth Metal Alloys, Aluminium Powder, Barium, Calcium Hydride, Calcium, Calcium Carbide, Magnesium, Lithium, Sodium, Sodium Borohydride. Capacity: 30kg or L Material of Construction: Double Steel Walls Doors: Single, Self Closing, Self-Latching. Australian Standard: AS/NZ5026 Shelves: 1 Extra Shelf: 5517-29S External (mm): 770(h) x 515(w) x 465(d) Internal (mm): 525(h) x 420(w) x 370(d) Available in