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Pre-Employment Health Assessments

Strategic Health Screenings for Every Employment Phase

At Hayden Health and Safety, we are committed to ensuring optimal health for your workforce from the outset and maintaining it throughout their employment. Our programmes, tailored for light, medium, and heavy roles, include comprehensive pre-employment health screenings and continuous health monitoring, conducted by skilled professionals.

Pre-Employment Health Assessments - Hayden Health & Safety

Pre-Employment Health Screenings

Level 1. Light Role Screenings:

These screenings are suited for roles with minimal physical demands, focusing on general health and basic functional assessments to ensure candidates are fit for mentally focused or sedentary jobs.

Level 2. Medium Role Screenings:

Targeted for moderately active positions, these screenings evaluate an individual’s ability to handle regular physical activities and adapt to dynamic work environments.

Level 3. Heavy Role Screenings:

Designed for physically demanding roles, these in-depth screenings confirm that candidates are capable of safely performing strenuous tasks, essential for heavy-duty positions.

Ongoing Health Monitoring Programmes

Level 1. Light Role Monitoring:

Regular health check-ups and ergonomic assessments address the unique challenges of less physically demanding roles, emphasising mental and ergonomic health.

Level 2. Medium Role Monitoring:

Periodic evaluations ensure ongoing fitness and adaptability for roles with moderate physical demands, focusing on maintaining consistent performance and safety.

Level 3. Heavy Role Monitoring:

Frequent and comprehensive health assessments are vital for physically intensive roles, concentrating on muscular-skeletal health, endurance, and overall physical condition.

Integrating Work History in Health Strategies

Both our pre-employment screenings and ongoing monitoring programmes take into account each individual’s work history. This tailored approach enables us to customise our health assessments, ensuring they are relevant to the specific demands of each role.

Pre-Employment Health Assessments - Hayden Health & Safety

Baseline Health and Continuous Monitoring

We establish a health baseline at the start of employment, providing a critical reference point for tracking health changes over time. This continuous monitoring is particularly important for roles with diverse physical requirements.

Commitment to a Healthy and Productive Workforce

Partner with Hayden Health and Safety to ensure that your employees are not only prepared for their roles from day one but continue to maintain their health and safety at work. Contact us to discover how our health screening and monitoring programmes can be integrated into your workforce management, promoting long-term health, safety, and productivity.