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Project Based Services

Hayden Health & Safety Project-based Services

Hayden Health & Safety have a wealth of experience in assisting a wide range of organisations, big and small, to meet their project-related testing requirements. Our ability to be incredibly responsive, provide timely, cost-effective and efficient service, and deliver high-quality results and testing reports within critical project timeframes, has been consistently proven and we pride ourselves on routinely exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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How can Hayden Health & Safety help you meet your project-based needs?

Our specially designed, fully contained mobile testing vehicle can visit your site anywhere in NSW and conduct the required testing in a systematic, time-sensitive way, enabling your project to continue to operate with minimal disruption and meet critical deadlines.

In most cases, our reporting mechanisms enable us to provide your key stakeholder contacts with immediate results, to enable your project coordinators and managers to make decisions and activate contingency plans, where necessary, to maintain productivity. We specialise in large volume testing, so whether you need to test 20 workers, or 200, Hayden Health & Safety can accommodate all your testing needs.


Hayden Health & Safety can provide you with the following types of testing to meet your project’s needs:

Pre-employment Health Assessments

Our responsive and efficient service enables our clients to quickly increase their workforce to meet a range of project needs. We can provide on-site pre-employment health assessment services for bulk recruitment processes, allowing prospective employees or contractors to be assessed in line with project requirements with minimal disruption or downtime.

Instant Drug and Alcohol Testing

We can provide an incredibly responsive on-site, instant drug and alcohol testing service, as and when required, to effectively meet your project needs. All drug and alcohol tests are conducted in accordance with the current applicable Australian standards, and results of our instant drug screening tests can be provided immediately, at the point of testing.

Our timely and efficient drug and alcohol testing services include breath alcohol screening, and urine and oral fluid drug screening, which are particularly useful for random, selective, or blanket testing during shutdown projects or in near-miss or post-incident/accident situations.

Respirator Fit Testing

Hayden Health & Safety can provide your project with information and advice about the makes and models of respirators best suited to the nature of your project. We can work with both your organisation and your workers to determine the best respirators for each worker and provide a comprehensive respirator fit testing service to ensure the safety of all workers onsite during your project.

Rail Worker Medicals

Hayden Health & Safety can conduct timely and efficient CAT 3 Rail Safety Worker Medical assessments for your employees or contractors, either on-site or at our office in Cardiff NSW.

Whether you’re a rail transport operator, or you have a team of employees or contractors set to undertake project work in a rail corridor, we can help you to fulfil your mandatory Rail Safety Worker Medical needs.

Customised On-site Health Assessments

No matter what the nature or timeframe of your project, Hayden Health & Safety can work with your organisation to customise an on-site health assessment program to meet your unique business or project requirements. Customised assessments can combine any of the testing services offered by Hayden Health & Safety, including:

Hayden Health & Safety are committed to helping you achieve your project milestones and deadlines, so we offer you the flexibility of booking our testing services at times that meet your project needs.

We offer on-site testing services outside of regular business hours, including weekends and public holidays, providing your business with a flexible and reliable service that is available exactly when you need it.

Shutdown Projects - Hayden Health & Safety

Where can you access more information on Hayden Health & Safety project work-based services?

For more information on how we can assist your business with its project-related testing needs, so you can keep your project on track and continue to reach critical project milestones, or to have a Hayden Health & Safety representative contact you to discuss your requirements and work out an assessment process that meets your project’s needs, contact us today.