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About Hayden Health & Safety - Workplace Testing Service

Noise Assessments

About Hayden Health & Safety - Workplace Testing Service

Under Australian Standard AS/NXZ 1269.1:2005 it is recommended that companies carry out noise assessments to monitor changes in noise exposure due to various factors, e.g. deterioration of equipment, changes in work procedures, introduction of new production processes and effectiveness of engineering noise controls.

HAYDEN offer Preliminary Assessments – if no previous assessment has been carried out or previous assessments are more than 5 years old then a preliminary assessment shall be carried out. The aims of this assessment are to document the noise environment, or changes to the noise environment and to establish whether or not the workplace is considered to contain excessive noise.

If the workplace is considered not to be noisy then the areas of workplace covered should be noted. If high noise levels are noted then the noise sources should be documented and, where practicable, simple noise controls should be introduced.

A detailed assessment is required where more complex noise sources are present, if there is any doubt about whether the noise levels are excessive.

HAYDEN offer Detailed Assessments – A detailed assessment in areas where there is a likelihood of exposure to excessive noise.

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