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Audiometric Assessment

Audiometric Testing

Employers have an obligation to provide audiometric testing for workers who are required to frequently use personal hearing protection to safeguard them from noise that exceeds the exposure standard set out in Safe Work Australia’s WHS regulations.

How can Hayden Health & Safety help your business meet its occupational noise management obligations?

The Noise Assessment and Audiometric Assessment services offered by Hayden Health & Safety, combined with our  expertise and years of experience, can assist employers to:

  • provide your workforce with information, education and instruction on prevention and management of risks associated with noise hazards,
  • identify individuals who are at increased risk of, or may already have, occupational noise-induced hearing loss,
  • monitor your employees’ hearing levels, and flag any of concern,
  • ensure early intervention and treatment is provided to employees identified as showing a temporary or permanent hearing threshold shift,
  • interpret and manage results of audiometric testing.
Audiometric Assessment - Workplace Testing Service - Hayden Health & Safety

How can Hayden Health & Safety help you meet auditory assessment requirements?

Hayden Health & Safety offer on-site audiometric testing in our custom-made testing vehicle, fitted with two hearing booths. Utilising our mobile audiometric testing service enables you to have your staff tested and back to work fast, with minimal disruption to work operations.

Individuals and employers are also able to book pre-employment audiometric testing sessions at our office, conveniently located in Cardiff NSW.

All Testing is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 1269.4 – Occupational noise management, Part 4: Auditory assessment.

Audiometric Assessment - Workplace Testing Service - Hayden Health & Safety

Where can you access more information on occupational noise management and audiometric testing?

For more information on the audiometric testing process, or to arrange a Hayden Health & Safety representative to meet with you to establish a testing schedule that will work for your business, contact us today.

If you’re unsure whether your workforce should be wearing hearing protection, or you need assistance with determining your responsibilities around assessing noise levels, performing a risk assessment, or implementing noise reduction strategies, Hayden Health & Safety can also assist you with information and services related to noise assessment.

If you would like to arrange for a Hayden Health & Safety representative to contact you or meet with you to discuss occupational noise management and noise assessment processes at your workplace, the fully qualified noise assessment experts at Hayden Health & Safety are only too happy to help, so contact us today.