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Respirator Fit Testing

Where an individual is required to wear a respirator to carry out their job, employers have a responsibility to ensure respirators are properly fit tested by an accredited specialist in accordance with the requirements of the associated Australian Standard and Safe Work Australia guidelines.

Ensuring Optimal Respiratory Protection

At Hayden Health and Safety, we recognize the critical importance of effective respiratory protection in the workplace. Our comprehensive respirator fit testing services are designed to meet industry regulations and ensure that your employees are adequately protected.

Respirator Fit Testing - Workplace Testing Service - Hayden Health & Safety

Advanced Fit Testing by Experienced Technicians

Our skilled technicians utilize the latest quantitative fit testing methods and equipment to ensure precise respirator fitting on your employees. We offer diverse testing programs, including initial and annual fit testing, tailored to align with your business’s unique requirements.

Compliance and Recommended Testing Frequency

Adhering to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1715:2009 and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011, our recommended testing schedule includes:

  • Initial fit testing prior to first-time respirator use by an employee.
  • Annual fit testing for employees routinely using respirators.

This approach ensures continuous protection against respiratory hazards in your workplace.

Respirator Fit Testing - Workplace Testing Service - Hayden Health & Safety

Customized Respiratory Protection Programs

Beyond testing, we provide comprehensive reports on fit test results and assist in developing customized respiratory protection programs suited to your business’s specific needs.

Complementary Health Assessments

In conjunction with respirator fit testing, we also offer spirometry assessments and occupational noise assessments. These services are integral in identifying potential respiratory risks and implementing preventive measures in your workplace.

Commitment to Workplace Health and Safety

At Hayden Health and Safety, our goal is to partner with you in fostering a safe, healthy work environment. Reach out to us to discover more about our respirator fit testing and other health assessment services, and how we can contribute to safeguarding your employees’ respiratory health and overall well-being.