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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Workplace

At Hayden Health and Safety, we specialize in offering extensive drug and alcohol testing services, aimed at fostering a safe and health-conscious workplace. Our services are in strict adherence to industry standards, including Australian Standards AS/NZS 4308 for urine testing, AS/NZS 4760 for oral fluid testing, and AS 3547 for breath alcohol testing.

Tailored Testing Methods

We understand that each business has unique needs. Therefore, we provide a variety of testing methods – oral fluid, urine, and breath alcohol tests – conducted by our experienced technicians using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise and trustworthy results.

Drug & Alcohol Testing - Hayden Health & Safety

Testing Frequency and Types

The necessity for drug and alcohol testing can vary based on your business’s nature and associated risks. Some common testing protocols include

  • Pre-Employment Testing: Conducted during recruitment to confirm candidates are free from drug or alcohol influence.
  • Random Testing: Carried out without prior notice, particularly useful for high-risk roles.
  • Post-Incident Testing: Implemented following an accident to determine if drugs or alcohol were contributing factors.
  • For-Cause Testing: Initiated when there are reasonable grounds to suspect substance influence, based on behaviours or other indicators.

Education and Awareness Programs

Beyond testing, we offer educational programs to heighten employee awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol use and the critical importance of a safe workplace. These initiatives are key in cultivating a culture of safety and responsibility.

Drug & Alcohol Testing - Hayden Health & Safety

Commitment to Workplace Safety and Compliance

Our drug and alcohol testing services are more than just compliance tools; they are integral in establishing a responsible and secure work environment.

Contact us to explore how we can assist in safeguarding your workplace and aligning with industry regulations.