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Noise Assessments

Where a potential noise hazard has been identified, the Code of Practice for Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work states that an employer (or person conducting a business or undertaking) should evaluate the risk by carrying out a noise assessment.

It might not always be necessary for the actual noise level to be quantified with specialised sound-measuring equipment, particularly if the source of a potential noise hazard at your workplace or site is readily identifiable – for example, if there is only one machine in operation and you have manufacturing data which specifies that machine’s noise output level – and you’re immediately able to suitably manage your employees’ exposure to that noise.

However, where your workplace or site has several potential noise hazards, or you’ve completed the Noise Hazard Identification Checklist (Appendix C of the Code of Practice for Managing Noise and Preventing Hearing Loss at Work) and determined that the noise hazard in your workplace may be a significant issue, it’s advisable to have a qualified, experienced and competent person perform a thorough noise assessment using specialised measuring instruments, enabling you to properly assess and manage the risks.

How can Hayden Health & Safety help your business meet its occupational noise management obligations?

Hayden Health & Safety can:

  • assist employers to identify and monitor noise sources and potential noise hazards in their workplace
  • provide advice to employers on risk mitigation and management strategies for identified noise hazards
  • provide employers and their workforce with information, education and instruction on prevention and management of risks associated with noise hazards
  • assist employers to meet their legislative obligations with respect to occupational noise management, in terms of noise hazard identification and auditory assessments
  • assist employers to ensure early intervention and treatment is provided to employees identified as showing a temporary or permanent hearing threshold shift
  • interpret results of noise assessments and provide employers with assistance in calculating their employees’ LAeq,8h (8-hour equivalent continuous A-weighted sound level pressure in decibels) and LCpeak (C-weighted peak sound level pressure in decibels) – i.e., their estimated level of sound exposure across an 8-hour shift, and the loudest noise level a worker can be exposed to at any time, respectively.
Noise Assessments - Hayden Health & Safety

How can Hayden Health & Safety help you meet noise assessment requirements?

Hayden Health & Safety use state of the art noise monitoring equipment to carry out on-site noise assessments in accordance with Australian standard AS/NZS 1269.1: Occupational noise management – Measurement and assessment of noise immission and exposure.

We can offer you the following types of assessments:

  • General Assessment
  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Detailed Assessment
  • Assessment for noise reduction
  • Assessment for personal hearing protector program
  • Follow up assessment
    • Five-year assessment
    • Supplementary assessment

Where can you access more information on occupational noise management and noise assessments?

For more information on the noise assessment process, or to arrange a Hayden Health & Safety representative to meet with you to establish a noise assessment schedule that will work for your business, contact us today.

If you’re unsure whether your workforce should be wearing hearing protection, or you need assistance with determining your responsibilities around performing a risk assessment, implementing noise reduction strategies, or providing auditory testing for your employees, Hayden Health & Safety can also assist you with information and services related to audiometric assessments.

If you would like to arrange for a Hayden Health & Safety representative to contact you or meet with you to discuss audiometric testing at your workplace, the fully qualified auditory testing experts at Hayden Health & Safety are only too happy to help, so contact us today.