PRATT Organic All Purpose floor Sweep – 6kg

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All natural, organic and light-weight. Non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. Dust-free. Fast, easy to use and cleans on contact. Highly absorbent. Leaves no slippery residue. Works faster, making floor safer, quicker. Nonabrasive, won’t damage floors and equipment. Non-hazardous landfill safe.* (Refer to local authorities for more details) All Purpose Absorbent Rapidly Absorbs: Fuels and Lubricants. All Automotive Fluids. Mild Acids and caustics. Cooking Oils and Grease. Detergent & Softeners. Milk and Soft Drink. Juices and Syrups. Sauces and Salad Dressing. Blood and Body Fluids. Paint, Chemicals and Resins. Available in