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Premium 25ltr Oil & Fuel Only

$152.74 + GST

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Premium Oil & Fuel Spill Only Kits colour coded white for hydrocarbon spill absorption., Oil & Fuel Only absorbents take on board hydrocarbon liquids such as fuel, petrol, diesel, oil, solvents., Additionally, they are designed to repel water making them ideal for oil & fuel spill recovery on either land or water., For general industry and non-industry applications., Includes the following:, 1 X (FSGP5) General Purpose Floor Sweep 15L/5kg, 1 X (BW420) White Oil & Fuel Only Boom 1.2m, 1 X (DPBS) Dust Pan and Brush Set, 10 X (APW300) White Oil & Fuel Only Absorbent Pad 300gsm, 2 X (CWB) Contaminated Waste Bag, 1 X (RNF15XL) Green Nitrile Gloves XL, 1 X (SKIS) Instruction Sheet, 2 X (STI12575) Safety Tag 125x75mm