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RES-Q Rescue Kit

$2,585.27 + GST


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4:1 pulley system provides reduced effort on the rescuer. Every 100kg of mass only requires 25kg of effort., RES-Q Kit comes pre-assembled. No hassle with assembly of pulley and rope., Static kernmantle rope comes with I.D trace as per AS/NZS 4142 requirement for traceability. Min break load of 35kN providing enhanced strength., Raise and lower casualty makes the RES-Q Kit versatile., Back up braking mechanism comes standard. This can be engaged by the rescuer or setup to brake automatically., Comes with two (2) tie offs to allow for mounting of the RES-Q Kit and to also utilise the braking mechanism as standalone device without being attached to the rescuer., Heavy duty bag c/w shoulder straps and the convenience of a stowage area for the rescue pole., Standard RES-Q kit supplied with 50mtrs of rope., Custom rope lengths available – 80m (RESQKIT-80), 100m (RESQKIT-100) &150m (RESQKIT-150)