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Ask an Inspector About Noise

Ask an Inspector About Noise - Workplace Testing Service - Hayden Health & Safety

Noise-induced hearing loss is the single greatest cause of permanent hearing loss in Australia – and it’s also the most preventable.  Over 10,000 workers have been affected by noise-related injuries in NSW workplaces, with more than 90 per cent left permanently disabled (from 2012-2015). 
A new 12-month Noise Management Program has now began and will educate NSW businesses about managing hazardous noise in the workplace, keeping compliant, and raising awareness of safety.

Last month, we launched the first online forum as part of the ‘Ask an Inspector’ forums about noise safety. Our next forum will be about noise in the transport industry. To register, visit

The series will cover a range of industries where noise is a high risk factor. There will be a focus on one industry, and the opportunity to ask the panel specific questions about your work and how noise affects your industry. Each session will run for 90 minutes.
The series is an opportunity for NSW businesses, managers, supervisors, workers, industry groups and related associations interact directly with an inspector, hear important updates, ask questions and share any noise related concerns in their workplace.

The series will continue into the new year with more exciting forums in 2021, covering noise safety in construction, arts and entertainment, and manufacturing industries.
Small business owners who attend the session may be eligible for a small business rebate of up to $500. Click on the following link to read more about our small business rebate,

Places are limited, so stay up to date and register to attend the online ‘Ask an Inspector’ series via the SafeWork website and Events page

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